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Let's Rock 'n Rolle | 6-Pack + 6

Are you ready to Rock 'n Rolle? Our Let's Rock 'n Rolle | 6-Pack contains one bottle of each single wine that we produce. It's our famous line-up! One bottle of Rock 'n Rolle Classic (white), one bottle of Rock 'n Rolle Rebel (red), one bottle of Rock 'n Rolle Baby (rosé), one bottle of Rock 'n Rolle Star (white), one bottle of Rock 'n Rolle King (brut) and one bottle of Rock 'n Rolle Queen (brut rosé). It's only Rock 'n Rolle but I like it!

Rock 'n Rolle Classic is a delicious wine that is not to be sneezed at! Brought to you from a century-old Mediterranean terroir around the south of the French Mediterranean area, this delicious blend of juicy grapes is noteworthy for its beautiful, fresh acidity. The wine is smooth and open with a little “crispy” bitterness of the Rolle grape and featuring aromas of ripe peaches, wildflowers, and just a drop of honey. Grenache Blanc - Terret - Rolle (Vermentino) - Sauvignon Blanc

Rock ‘n Rolle Baby rosé is coquettish and entrancing. Modest with the standard charisma of Southern French rosé, this delicious Baby rosé wine is memorable for its aroma of orange peels and subtle notes of ripe peach and candied red grapefruits. The color is typical “Saumon gris” with a light blush on the cheeks. Grenache - Rolle (Vermentino)

The perky little brother in the Rock ‘n Rolle family, the Rock ‘n Rolle Rebel is a bouncy character, a rebellious red wine made from the extremely juicy Grenache, Syrah, and Mourvèdre grapes that are raised with care around the French Mediterranean. Insistent upon itself but with enough sense to be serious, this wine features an aroma of ripe cherries, red berries, and subtle hints of coffee and cocoa. Grenache - Syrah - Mourvèdre

The shapely juice for the Rock ‘n Rolle Star is made from carefully selected Rolle (Vermentino) grapes derived from old vineyards at a Mediterranean terroir. Rich vanilla aromas are elicited through the aging process following fermentation. The Rock ‘n Rolle Star is refreshing in its acidity with characteristic subtle notes of red grapefruit, ensuring a full juicy finish made to last. Rolle (Vermentino)

Towering figure but not without its subtlety, these nuanced, proud, and refreshing bubbles are called into formation in a compelling blend of French Chardonnay and Pinot noir grapes. This Rockin’ King – Brut, made in the traditional way of French secondary fermentation is a sizzling, sparkling experience. The King of wines is alive and well. All hail the King! Chardonnay - Pinot Noir

This Queen will melt your heart, tickle your tongue, and then proceed to seduce you outright with nothing more than a sexy glance, swollen with juice. This elegant wine shines with a pink salmon brilliance. Made in the traditional way of secondary fermentation using juicy French Pinot Noir grapes. This Rolling Queen calls for your deepest royal curtsy! Pinot Noir

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