Artist Selwyn Senatori put his love for wine on the label. His art is a melting pot of Italian crooks, Amsterdam, food, drink, expensive cars and parties. Each wine also has its own Rock 'n Rolle playlist that you can scan with your smartphone via the QR code on the back label. Radio DJ Gerard Ekdom has put together a unique Rock 'n Rolle playlist for each wine, making drinking the wines and listening to our Rock' n Rolle tunes one big party!

Rock 'n Rolle Grapes

The Rolle grape is stubborn and a silly boy, hence the name Rock 'n Rolle. The general public is less familiar with the Rolle grape, it is sometimes hidden under other names such as Vermentino, Pigato, Malvasia, Verlentin or Favorita. All the same grape, sometimes slightly different in taste, depending on the area where it grows, which is always around the Mediterranean. In Corsica and Sardinia, but also in the Italian countryside and in the South of France. There they pick the grape and they just call it Rolle, because of course that tastes just a bit better.

Rock 'n Rolle Wines

Rock 'n Rolle wines are incredibly delicious blends of wine, art and music. All our grapes are lovingly picked in the Pays d'Oc, France and transformed into liquid rebellious Rock'n Rolle juice in collaboration with Badet Clément.

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